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This preventive medical diagnosis system was developed and proven in Russian space missions.

Dramatic results led to development of the CMD Internet health-check program.

Lucerne, Switzerland, September 21, 2001 -- Computerized health checks enabled Russian cosmonauts to remain in good physical condition during prolonged space journeys and opened the way for a manned mission to Mars. Russian cosmonaut Dr. Valery Polyakov, who has spent more time in space than any other person, told about the revolutionary system that made this possible, CMD-Prognos, during a recent conference in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The CMD-Prognos system employs modern computer technology to take measurements of the body's energy balance based on traditional Chinese medicine. The system has been available in Western Europe for doctors, dentist and naturopath since 1999. Now, a new version offered to the general public makes it possible for individuals to take self-measurements and get an immediate evaluation via the Internet. The system can be used anywhere in the world with Internet access using an ordinary home/office PC or laptop.

In 1984, the Russian space agency began developing a system to monitor cosmonauts` health during prolonged space flights. At that time, the Russians were hoping to carry out a manned mission to Mars before the Americans could do it. A three-year journey was assumed for the outward and return flight). However, there was one major problem to be overcome: How could the cosmonauts retain their vitality and energy in weightlessness during a flight of this duration?

To solve the problem, a team of 400 scientists and technicians directed by Prof. Dr. V. Zagriadskij developed "CMD-Prognos" in cooperation with Dr. Valery Polyakov of the Institute for Biomedical Problems, in Moscow. They conducted more than 1,000 medical experiments on cosmonauts aboard the MIR space station, using many types of test equipment. CMD-Prognos came out the clear winner of their research.

This computerized system allowed cosmonauts to monitor their own physical condition while in space and obtain recommendations for medication or natural therapy, if needed, from doctors and scientists back at the mission control station on earth. In this way they were able to take remedial measures against illness -- a vital consideration when planning interplanetary travel.

The system was put to its greatest test during the record flight of Dr. Polyakov, who lived aboard the MIR space station from January 8, 1994, until March 22, 1995 -- 438 days. Amazingly, upon returning to earth, he was able to walk off the spaceship without assistance, and was steady on his feet, much to the surprise of the scientists and technicians who welcomed him upon his return. As a result, CMD-Prognos was judged to be an unqualified success.

Dr. Polyakov accredited the system with keeping his bodily condition in balance. He especially cited the usefulness of the CMD-Prognos system for diagnosing functional disorders such as sleep disturbances or the ability to perform work in space, as well as providing indications of disorders of the liver, the kidneys and the metabolism.

Diagnosis and therapy based on traditional Chinese medicine

Diagnosis and therapy methods employed by CMD-Prognos are based on traditional Chinese medical practices, which have been developed and proven over thousands of years -- and which are still used by a large segment of the world's population. By combining this ancient medical knowledge with state-of-the-art computer technology it is possible, for the first time, to make early diagnosis of diseases and trouble spots in the body.

Chinese physicians, thousands of years ago, determined that the cause of any disease can be traced to a disturbed energy cycle. Now, a picture of the body's energetic state can be created, painlessly, in just a few minutes, by anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to CMD.

Preventive space medicine technology can prevent problems.

In 1996, the German firm MedPrevent GmbH acquired the European marketing rights to the PROGNOS system and, in cooperation with the Sport University of Cologne and two prominent Chinese universities, did further development of the program. Since 1999, PROGNOS has been used successfully by doctors, dentists and non-medical practitioners in complementary medical diagnostics. In Germany and nearby areas MedPrevent has built up an extensive net of "CMD-Prognos-doctors" who can provide online consultations.

Now, a version of the program that can be used by members of the general public has been launched with the generic name CMD (Computer Medical Diagnostics). The program is aimed at increasing health awareness by individuals and providing measures which can prevent medical problems from occurring while reducing the costs of maintaining good health. The worldwide rights for CMD are controlled by CMD AG. of Hong Kong.

Features of membership.

Anyone with Internet access can apply for CMD membership and use the system. The company provides software and equipment, which includes:

  1. The CMD-Sensor. This is connected to the computer and used to measure energy values at indicated points on the finger and toe tips.
  2. The Bio-Comb, which is used to stimulate and regulate the energy flow.
  3. A therapeutic soft laser pointer, used to gently stimulate specific computer-indicated energy points.
  4. A CD-ROM disk which contains the CMD program and guide. The program is menu-driven and easy to follow.
Measurements are taken of the body's energy circuits, as defined by traditional Chinese medicine. Measuring points are shown in graphics right on the user's computer screen.

Next, these measurements are sent for evaluation, via the Internet, to the main CMD-Server in Frankfurt, Germany. There the data are compared with the values of data collected from people of the same age and gender in various states of health. These data have been compiled from more than 12 million series of test measurements and stored in a CMD database that is constantly being expanded. Evaluation takes only seconds, and the results are shown on the "Wellness Meter," which rates readings from serious to excellent. Clicking on the "Analyses" icon brings an explanation of the readings.

The system will suggest simple self-therapies and natural remedies for correcting energy imbalances, if indicated. If a member wants more comprehensive information, a CMD-PROGNOS Doctor is available for professional consultation via the Internet.

Any member can submit an unlimited number of weekly or even daily CMD measurements for evaluation and thus build a health profile that traces changes in the body's energy systems over a period of time. This is very useful in arriving at an overview of one's energetic condition, and can assist in the earliest possible diagnosis of bacterial and viral infections.

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